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Who said what at the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2023 on Thursday:

“I’m very happy. I knew his attack is hard so I cannot let him attack. Today I controlled the net and he was uncomfortable. It’s my first time in the World Championships quarterfinals and I want to do well.”

Wang Tzu Wei, after an upset win over All England champion Li Shi Feng

 “We are almost similar on court. We have a great hunger for winning, and show a lot of expressions on court. I’m calmer than her. In the second game, when the points were close, she said we have to dare to lose, only then can we break through.”

Chen Tang Jie on partner Toh Ee Wei

Beiwen Zhang

“My speed compared with last year is good, and I’m happy with that. I had hurt my left toe during my match with Kirsty and that was affecting me. I did find a weakness against An Se Young, but I cannot tell what it is! She is very stable, and you cannot be very aggressive because if you hit (into open court) she will dive and retrieve it and put the shuttle beyond your reach.”

Beiwen Zhang, reflecting on a well-fought opening game with An Se Young

“There was a lot of pressure on me. I was rushing a lot. It was important to play a patient game but at the same time be clinical. But towards the end I took a lot of risks and they didn’t go my way and I was shaky.”

Lakshya Sen ponders his loss to Kunlavut Vitidsarn

“The conditions were difficult. For me, it’s about learning and going step by step. If I do a mistake, just try again. The World Championships has been my dream since I was young, and I hope I can be champion.”

Kunlavut Vitidsarn

“We just didn’t find our game, and we couldn’t adjust to their style. It didn’t work out. We’d prepared well, we didn’t play in Australia, so we’re not happy to have lost like this. The first half of the year was quite busy, but the second half was similar to everyone else, so I don’t think we were overworked.”

Baek Ha Na, after she and Lee So Hee crashed out

“I’m finally here and feeling confident. I’m happy to play old rivals. I will try not to get any injury. I was away from competitons for a while, but the confidence is coming back.”

Nozomi Okuhara, after beating ‘old rival’ Ratchanok Intanon